Salt Manufacturing Plant

Salt manufacturing is done by solar evaporation or mining strategies. Manufacturing method and quality class of salt differs according to where it will be used. The extracted salt can be utilized in the food industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry etc.

  • Vacuum Salt Plant

To reduce the boiling point of negative pressure, several evaporation systems are operated in vacuum salt plants. A chemical treatment method is used for filtering and refining the saturated salt water solution and precipitated salt from magnesium and calcium. The salt water solution is sent to a plant part where the evaporation process occurs and the slurry is sent to a concentrate tank.  The slurry is concentrated up to 60% and the moisture is reduced to 5%. Lastly the salt is iodized, dried and classified.

  • Mechanical Salt Plant

Mechanical salt plants include main parts like washing, breaking and separating. Large salt particles are broken into smaller particles and surface impurities are removed in these parts. According to quality needed, the number of washing, breaking and separating parts can be varied.

Salt Manufacturing Plant