Filter Separator

A filter separator is a horizontal unit with two stages. In the first stage there are replaceable cartridges and in the second stage there is a vane mist eliminator pack to remove a high percentage of liquid particles.

To prevent the gas bypassing from first stage to second, the liquid sump is partitioned to two parts. There can be an increase of pressure across the filter tube because of solid contamination but there is a sensor which sends signals about the need of changing cartridges. Replaceable cartridges can be changed via quick opening closure safely even if the system is still under pressure.

The gas stream enters the filter’s first stage. Large liquid particles lose speed during the travel in the first stage because of the gravitation and discharge. Remained condensed particles are moved by the effect of gas flow and trapped in combining cartridges. These combined liquid drops are moved to the second stage. Meanwhile, solid particles are trapped in filter cartridges and discharged by the removal of cartridges.