Vacuum Disk Filter

A vacuum disc filter can provide highly precise filtration in the smallest pads. Several discs in-line are connected to a center which turns through slurry and the evacuation zone. Each circle is comprised of sectors, molded like a cut of pizza. Each sector is either furrowed or made of punch plate to permit fluid to pass through a cloth sack, into the division, and out the center barrel. Each disc filters the slurry at the same time on both sides. Vacuum disc filters are ideal for these cases in which the slurry has highly liquid substances and the cake is easily dischargeable.

Vacuum Disk Filters are kind of continously running filters ant their most important advantage is can be manufactured for very high capacity and occupy place less than Vacuum Drum Filters. Design and production of Vacuum Disk Filters are made of result of R&D Works about Pilot Filters on our laboratories with high technology in way of provide high efficieny, high capacity and low humidity.

A vacuum disc filter consists of five main parts;

  • Valve: One side of the valve confronts the two gaps of the vacuum pump which one is for vacuum and the other one is for blow evacuation. The other side of the valve confronts bridge blocks of filter with isolated cake formation, cake drying and blow evacuation sections.
  • Sectors and Sector Bags: Metal, plastic, fiberglass or wood materials can be used to produce these sectors. The cake is captured by a sector bag as the liquid passes through the center barrel, out to filter valve and into the sector.
  • Center Barrel: A center barrel consists of a connected series of tubes; one for every sector, with a hole for each disc.
  • Filter Tank and Agitator: The filter tank containing the slurry is anticipated for filtration. To keep the liquids to solid ratio steady, an agitator spins and continuously mixes the slurry.
  • Variable Speed Drive: The variable speed drive is powered by an electric engine, permits the revolution speed to differ, correlates for efficiency of the particular application.
Vacuum Disc Filter