Vacum Drum Filter

This type of filter is most commonly used filter and can be used for many various industry and products in vacuum filters. A vacuum drum filter consists of a drum rotated in its filtering awaited liquid tub. Vacuum drum filters can be utilized in high solid rated liquids and slurries processes. First, filter aided precoat is applied to the liquid, then it is sent to the tub at bottom. As the drum rotates the liquid part is vacuumed and pumped out. Solid particles stick out of the drum and help knives are partitioned to small portions and separated away from fresh media.

Vacuum drum filters are mainly for steady processes with high quantities of slurries. They can be utilized in chemical, mine and food industries. Because they work steady and automatically, their processing costs are low. The drum speed can be varied to control cake thickness. A vacuum drum filter can produce a highly clean product with the help of its showering device when compared to other solid-liquid separators.

Vacuum Drum Filter