About Our Company

Our company Ant Group Technology Machinery Manufacturing Engineering Contracting Industry Trade Incorporated Company operated under the name of Kimak A.Ş.from 1976 to the end of 1999, and currently continues its activities at the same location as Ant Group Technology Machinery Manufacturing Engineering Contracting Industry Trade Incorporated Company.

Thickener and solid liquid filtration with more than 33 years of knowledge and experience, establishment of turnkey starch, glucose and other starch derivatives production facilities, manufacture of mechanical and refined salt plants and equipment, establishment of date processing plants, various types of drying machines, fermenters, reactors, crystallizers has become a well-known and sought-after company in many countries and in our country in the production of process equipment such as process equipment, stainless and similar special steel materials, various equipment, mixer and tank manufacturing, various types of conveyor and conveying systems manufacturing and design and manufacturing of other special machines.

Technology & Engineering

It has installed, operated and delivered hundreds of facilities and machines in many countries of the world and in our country, and currently provides after-sales services to many facilities it has established, and also establishes new facilities.

Our company has acquired a new factory in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone with the new factory investment that it started with the aim of expanding its production volume and to produce in a higher quality and shorter time with the developing technology and completed with its own equity in 2008. Thus, it added a new factory with a closed area of 2500 m2 on an area of 5000 m2 to its factory, which has a closed area of 1000 m2 on an existing area of 2000 m2.

In addition, our company, which has expanded its technical, administrative and R & D staff, continues to grow stronger and continues to work on the development and production of new products as well as faster and higher quality production.

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